We have the best realistic penis extender! This is a multifunctional medical product that includes a penis extender, realistic pen and retarder. The realistic texture of this penis extender is made of liquid silicone, which is eco-friendly and safe. And the realistic texture of this penis extender is suitable for every woman and will help you get intense stimulation. At the same time, this thickener has a firm texture but does not fall out. At the same time, this extended texture conforms to the shape of the human hand, giving your loved one an extra boost. A penis extender with a realistic texture that fits the penis tightly without scratching the skin. Meanwhile, this penis extender is made of stretchable and latex-free nylon and tpe material, which is easy to clean. The penis extender slides in easily and quickly while providing extra stimulation to your sensitive sensitive areas. Meanwhile, this is a special water-based device designed to lengthen your penis to help boost pleasure.

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