Privacy Policy

MILFSEXDOLL takes data privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy explains who we are, how we collect, share and use personal information, and the security of your information.

We recommend that you read this Privacy Policy in its entirety to ensure that you are fully informed. If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal information, please contact us at [email protected].

Who We Are ?

CMILFSEXDOLL is a trusted manufacturer and seller of sex dolls, we have an online store for sex dolls: For more information about us, click here: About US.

What Personal Information Does MILFSEXDOLL Collect From Customers?

The sole purpose of collecting your personal information is always to help us improve our products, services and provide you with a friendly user experience. We store two main types of information from you. These are:

  • Information you submit to us: We receive and record any information you submit to us about MILFSEXDOLL products, services and website reviews. These are mainly details that you forward to us upon order request. Such as your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, and optional account information such as username and password. These details are necessary for the functioning of your account and for the orders you place.
  • Automatic information: this mainly refers to the data we receive in relation to your activity on the website and details about your IP and browser type. These forms of data are captured by cookies and other identifiers. They are there to ensure you have the smoothest user experience on your website.

For What Purpose Does MILFSEXDOLL Use Your Personal Information?

We obtain your personal information to better operate, interact and improve our products and services for you. These include:

  • Purchase and delivery of products: We need your personal information for you to place an order, we need to process the order and deliver each product you request. This involves you forwarding your name, address, contact details, username and password. After we receive this information, we can in turn ship your product to your address.
  • Deal with requests. We also need access to your details to process other requests. For example, if you have a question about a product or order. Your details will be recalled by our team to deal with your request efficiently.
  • Authorize payment. We will also ask you to provide details about the payment method. When you submit a payment method, we need to ensure that the payment is processed correctly and that there is no fraud involved.
  • Set up an account for you. We will also ask you for personal information when compiling your account for our store and improving our store offerings for you. Additionally, these personal details will automatically generate subsequent orders at checkout.
  • Comply with legal obligations.
  • Marketing Information. You can opt-in to marketing messages when you register for the site, so if you want to register for them, we will keep your personal information for that.
  • In general, we will retain your personal information entered for the above purposes until we are no longer required by law to retain that information, i.e. you close your account. For tax and accounting reasons, we will still retain your personal details such as your name, email, billing and shipping addresses for a certain number of years.

What About Cookies And Other Identifiers?

To help our website run as efficiently and smoothly as possible, we use cookies and other identifiers to aid this process. Cookies help save relevant information so that it can be easily remembered when you repeat the same process on a website.

For example, you can leave a comment on our website and when you do, you will be required to enter your name, email and your website address (if you have one). When you leave a comment on the site again, these details will be in the relevant fields and you can simply enter your comment. These cookies will also be stored in our system for one year. So everything is for convenience and time saving.

More examples of how cookies are used to create a smoother and more convenient experience is when you are first asked for cookies when entering your login details. The website will then determine whether your browser accepts cookies. This cookie does not extract any personal data and is discarded after you log out or close your browser.

The other is when you log in, we use cookies to store your login details and your preferences for how your screen displays the website. Login details last for 2 days and screen options last for a year. After entering your details, you can also choose to select “Remember me” next to the checkbox on the login screen. After you log in, your login information will be saved for 2 weeks. Therefore, you can close your browser and return to your browser during this time and go directly to your account. Once you log out of your account, your login information will be cleared and your login cookies will be deleted.

There is also the issue of editing and publishing articles on the site. Once this is done, the cookie will hold and store the ID of the published message. This will expire in 1 day.

Does MILFSEXDOLL Share Your Personal Information?

MILFSEXDOLL will not let your personal information leave our existing team. Customer personal details are an integral part of our business and we are not in the business of selling customer details to other parties. The only people who have access to the details you forward to us are administrators and store managers. These members of our team need access to this information to communicate across the company when processing orders and providing support to you.

The specific data your store holds, shares and retrieves will vary depending on the settings enabled and additional plugins used. If you want to be vigilant about the details you want to share, and if you want to screen your disclosures in the Privacy Policy, we recommend that you consult a lawyer. We collect your personal information when you go through the checkout process in our store.

Outside of our team, external parties can only access your own data when you interact with articles on the website. There may be additional image and video files linked to the blog post. Websites that contain these elements will have cookies that collect data about you when you click on these media sources. These cookies work the same way they do on our website because of third-party tracking. If you have an account there, they will also link you with personal details you may have on the website where the content is stored. Same process as they work here.

Will The Courier or Bank Know What I’m Buying?

You may be concerned about whether your purchase details will be forwarded to a bank or courier after submission. We assure you that this data will be classified and will not be disclosed to anyone other than you when received in the package. We do our best to hide these details by using high quality service. So you don’t need to worry about buying with us for anything that will show up on your bill or courier label. All these details are hidden and kept discrete during transport. Your security is not at risk when shopping on the site. Your privacy is our top priority and always will be.

How Secure is My Information?

At MILFSEXDOLL, the security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. The storage of your order and product details is limited to our company with zero threat of any external penetration.

If you are still concerned about the personal information you submit to us, you can request to export a file about all the personal data we store about you If you have an account with us, or at least you have left a comment on the site. You can also ask us to delete all personal data about you that we store on our books. However, this does not include any data we hold for legal, administrative or security purposes.

As a rule of thumb, you must always consider personal security methods when accessing your account here and on the website. Make sure to choose a unique password for your account and save these details with your username. Also, make sure to log out when you’re done using the site. Also, make sure no one you don’t want to have access to the site has access to it. Lastly, you should always make sure to use a firewall and anti-spyware to block hackers and intruders from accessing your computer. Failure to do so could result in unnecessary access to your PC and your details.

Are Children Allowed To Use MILFSEXDOLL Services?

MILFSEXDOLL does not sell products suitable for children. They are adult related products. If you are under the age of 18, it is forbidden to buy products from us, please do not try.