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My boyfriend is a Redditor. He doesn’t use r/relationship_advice I’m pretty sure, but I really hope he sees this article somehow. I’m halfway there for validation because I feel like I’m going crazy and can’t tell anyone I know for obvious reasons, but if I’m not being reasonable, please let me know. My boyfriend has a sex doll. Unlike Lars and real girls, who look like anime girls and can’t be real. That’s why he refuses to get rid of it. He said I shouldn’t be jealous because she’s satisfying an impossible emptiness…no real woman can have boobs and ass like hers, hair like hers, always be willing to take any action, etc. He couldn’t see her as a real person and he said it was like I had a dildo or something. I don’t have a dildo. I’m 24 and I think we’re both too mature and financially unstable to waste money on sexual things we can do with each other, but Anime Doll clearly disagrees. He put her in the closet in our bedroom, but my clothes were definitely there. I don’t want to break up, but the longer I live with him, the closer I get to burning it. How can I express the fact that I want him to get rid of it without making me seem jealous, reserved, or unreasonable? Am I any of these three things? EDIT: To answer some questions: Yes, he did tell me he prefers sex with dolls, but he said it was natural and he didn’t expect a real woman toxpare. Yes, I’m fine with pocket cats. By the way, I also have no intention of shaming any dildo owners. I just personally think it’s a waste of money for me. I say “mature” because we’re not exactly wealthy and this thing costs a lot of money and clothes, accessories, etc. just add up. He’s turned me down for a doll before, but not so often, I’ll put it on the post office. The general rule, though, is that I can’t try toxe in when he’s there.

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