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Wearing wigs of different styles and colors on the faces of same-sex dolls will show different aesthetics and characters. When you buy a realistic sex doll, you will get a wig that goes with the doll, suitable for different styles of clothes and scenarios. Sex doll wigs also need to be managed.
The wig can be washed once every few months, but it is worth noting that it cannot be washed in the washing machine and must be hand washed. Also, after washing, do not expose to the sun and use a hair dryer. Here’s how will show you how to care for a sex doll wig:
Cleaning sex dolls:
Prepare a basin of water, the water temperature should not be too high, please use warm or cold water, put a little shampoo in it, put the wig into the water, hold the wig with your hands until it becomes wet in the water, after 5-10 minutes after intrusion, use Gently comb your hair with your hands, remember not to wash it too hard, just soften it a few times inside and out. Then replace the remaining foam with a basin of water, rinse several times, take out the wig and press gently to remove the moisture, remember not to force the screw, so as not to disturb the hair.
Prepare a clean towel, put the wig in the towel, wrap the towel around the wig, and press lightly a few times to allow the towel to absorb the moisture in the wig. The washed wigs are placed on the wig stand. If not, you can spread it on the seat in a well-ventilated location and let your hair dry naturally. Remember not to expose to the sun and blow dry with a hair dryer.
Placing sex dolls:
If the sex doll wig will not be worn for a long time, just put it in the box. If possible, you can buy a wig, put it on a plastic shelf, and then put it on a plastic bag, which can change the original hair of the wig and avoid graying. Remember not to put it under clothing or under heavy objects, which can easily deform.
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