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(Popularity: 96) Realistic high-quality sex dolls, if paired with instructional videos, can they be used as tools to help men with limited sexual experience become better lovers by practicing on dolls first?

When they have the first opportunity to put theory into practice. Unless someone is fairly dim, they won’t gain anything after the first hour of practice with the doll. Real women’s response patterns are much more complex and vary from person to person.State-of-the-art dolls are on point

(Popularity: 68) What’s so bad about being born in India?

The more the better. However, despite all these points mentioned, I love my country and can’t imagine being born anywhere else. corruption. Everyone is corrupt, from state leaders and top bureaucrats to police and lower-level clerks. I would say almost everyone is corrupt. Money is draining from our country every day, money that should be used to further develop our country, reduce poverty and fight other serious dangers facing India. Lack of reliability. You can’t expect the police/fire department to be there on time. If something takes 10 days to complete, it will be done in 50 days. Lack of national pride. We hate our country for many things. It’s easy because very few people like India at the moment.However, Indians love everything monster sex doll related to the West. We think of it as paradise on earth. Umreeca, kanneda and englaaaand are the top three countries that Indians like to settle in. Yes, they live there, but can’t pronounce it correctly. Interreligious hatred. Yes, this is still common in most of the country. Parents teach their children to hate followers of other religions. We are not so receptive to people from other religions. For example, let’s say you want to rent a room in an upscale subway in India. There is a good chance that you will be rejected for being from another religion, eating meat, being from the Northeast, etc. Yes, we also discriminate against our own fellow citizens. All sorts of jokes and stories inscribe this in our brains throughout our childhood. We do not know our country as well as the West. We might name more US states than India. We hardly know our country’s leaders etc. Our education system is too rigid. We were taught a lot of things, mostly facts, that were of little use. And we never gained practical experience. All its theories are here. Our teachers are not up to standard, our syllabus is outdated and we don’t have facilities like projectors. We still have an excellent education system. It may be based on rote learning, but it yields amazing results. Now imitating the West, as we have always done, we have started to reduce our education system to a less demanding, more student-friendly system where everyone is involved and learns by doing. Feasible ball, I have exams at the end of each term. Except for the ten days of exams each semester, I did nothing for the whole year. The system works well in India. We don’t have the resources that developed countries have to implement their education systems here. Why do we even want that system, I’d say we’re much better off. We learn to avoid responsibility. Read my previous point. I always blame the government, the system, not myself. We are good at blaming others. Politicians are corrupt so our country cannot progress. Well, that’s basically true, but it’s because of us that they’re corrupt. Our country is not dirty because of the government, but because we, myself included, throw our rubbish on the ground instead of in the bin. expensive healthcare. Too many people, too few doctors. Getting a medical degree is a nightmare. You can see where I’m going. values. Ball to what you call values. This is what I want to say about the many values ​​and traditions that have been imposed on me by the previous generation. They relate to your era, not mine, so please step back. Some of them are actually good. But most are the rigid ways of the 21st century. Huge gap between the rich and the poor. Now imagine us going to Delhi (the capital, my city) for lunch and a movie. In a decent hall, the film would cost around $200-300. Popcorn and snacks are about $150. Let’s round it up to $370. Lunch now. Even McDonald’s, the cheapest formal restaurant will cost you at least $150-200. The total amount is $550. Take 50 for a trip, although auto rickshaw rates have gone up a lot lately. Let the total be $600, and I’m keeping it as low-key as possible here. Some support extended families on $30 a day. The same goes for days when they can actually get a job. That’s $900 a month for the whole family. At $60 a dollar, it’s like $15. good luck. But people survived. I feel sick when I think about how recklessly I spend money with people living in this situation. It sucks to be a girl here. It sucks as a man too, but I think it’s worse for women. From infanticide to dowry (the tradition of the bride’s family giving away huge sums of money, jewelry, cars, etc. to the groom’s family for no reason), the situation for girls is even worse. Plus, many parents don’t believe in wasting money to educate their daughters. Many families want their son to marry a well-educated girl, but she should not work after marriage. Then there are crimes against women. They are staggeringly tall and sometimes really annoying. We suck. I don’t know what the molester/rapist is thinking, so I can’t understand why they do it. But we urgently need to fight these crimes so our towns are safe for women. Nonsense customs like honor killings. Basically the village/town community decided to kill their own relatives because they dared to fall in love. I also do not understand. But this happens often. There are many other creepy and disturbing customs. We don’t care. If the country is dirty, we’ll make a fuss on Earth Day and then throw the trash on the ground the next day. If a stranger needs help, to help them, we have our own problems. Our country is in a sad state right now and we don’t care. We probably spend more on our marriage than the entire education, school, college, grad school, etc. put together. However, we haggle from local vegetable suppliers for as little as a dollar. I mean give that poor guy that dollar. Social reservations in schools, universities, government jobs, and now if I remember correctly, even promotions in government jobs. So basically, if you’re an idiot belonging to a so called lower caste, you can easily get into a good school, a great university, with almost no effort, you’ll get a good job, and you even will get a fucking promotion. Welcome to India. People say reservation is to revive poor society and then make it a fucking economic reservation not a social reservation. We actually have an exam called AIEEE. All India Engineering Entrance Exam. It’s the most-taken exam, around a million a year (we love the engineering here). Most decent colleges end up with a 40k ranking. But wait, those are just general category seats. We still have too many reserved seats to fill the lower ranks because they belong to a certain caste. So a 42k person might not have a seat, but some 500k person will. God bless our country. When we go abroad, we face a lot of racism. But it’s not like we don’t return. We keep complaining about the excessive racism we face out there, but completely forget about our own racism. We don’t have a lot of the facilities that the west offers, sometimes it’s terrible, but we manage. We are very good at jugaad, basically doing our job in a certain way. Too many people. This equates to too much competition. You have to be the best. Or you are just another normal person. This is the harsh truth of life. Last but not least, there is no security here. I’m not talking about security against robbers etc, which doesn’t exist either, but I digress. If you fail in life, go to your family, and if they can’t feed you, neither will the country. Unless you get a job, you’re going to starve. You cannot rely on the state to take care of you. This is why Indians save a lot. When difficult times come, we must be well prepared. Every country has problems, India has more problems than its share, but it is a brilliant country that has grown up.We may complain about our country all day long, but deep down inside every Indian

(Popularity: 82) Will the sex doll business work in India?

no way. If someone tried to do that, people would hit him like a beast. First of all, the government will never allow this kind of thing to happen in our country.

sex doll

sex doll

silicone sex doll

silicone sex doll

(Popularity: 43) Why are sex toys illegal in India?

Based on obscene code. Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860 makes the sale, advertisement, distribution and public display of obscene books, drawings, drawings or any other “obscene” objects illegal.Obscene is a criminal offense

(Popularity: 56) Can sex toys replace sex?

Let the earth move for you.Adultshopit, our sex toy retailer in the UK, regularly sends sex toys to partners of married couples who live together and live together for Piper Dollyears, couples who agree to use sex toys should like it, no one should monster sex doll Forced to do anything they don’t want to do.But go back and do them instead of having sex, I’m a straight guy who likes women you’re male and single so why not try male sex toys, or single women, some guys might be intimidated by the idea of ​​female sex toys

(Popularity: 13) What is the difference between a mannequin and a sex doll?

A mannequin is a poseable device used to display and shape male or female clothing. Sex dolls are not.


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