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With the release of full-fledged sex robots, we will also see the development of state-of-the-art sex doll technology. Most of the main qualities of sex robots will be applied in sex dolls to make them more realistic.
Here are the latest sex doll trends we’re most looking forward to heading into 2022.
touch sensitive sex doll
The touch-sensitive sex doll is able to recognize foreplay activities like kissing and stroking her breasts, and she may respond with easy-to-understand words, her organs will heat up, and she may even flow during sex.
In addition, sex dolls with devices in their organs will “feel” pleasure better and provide an additional two-way experience. Â Possibly in the coming future will be able to offer their sex doll orgasms.
self-heating sex doll
Self-heating sex doll technical expertise adds to the fact that we may find that battery powered heating systems don’t exactly require users to plug their dolls into the wall before use. Â At best, we treat this structure as fully automatic, if someone has sex with the sex doll, she will automatically start reheating.
super realistic characters
In terms of attaining the resemblance of a real lady, the physical appearance of the sex doll is undoubtedly the most important. Â Although, the creators of sex dolls have not deteriorated the appearance of their products (including Silicon Wife). Â This time the presence of sex dolls will continue to increase and become more lifelike.
Sex dolls are made with branded synthetic ingredients. Â These ingredients will allow for a perfect combination with technologies like touch sensors and feel very real. You’ll start getting refined shapes, positions and qualities similar to real skin.
synthetic intelligent sex doll
Synthetic intelligent sex dolls also sometimes have the powerful ability to link to the World Wide Web. Â This will give your sex doll full knowledge of sex in the universe (if available online). Â Imagine a sex robot that guides you through the karma.
celebrity sex doll
The ultimate sex doll trend to look for in the coming months is the emergence of celebrity sex dolls. Â Higher demand is here, and celebrities are starting to allow their likenesses to be recreated as sex dolls. Â We might watch the earliest porn artists and anime characters as they get time to relax while dealing with social/status influences. Â If the rewards are enough, we’ll start looking further for celebrities of all types, ready to recreate their bodies as sex dolls.

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