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Now that sex dolls have been gradually accepted by everyone, have you ever thought about how to deal with sex dolls when they are no longer needed? Nevermind, today the editors at teach you how to deal with sex dolls you no longer need.
I don’t know if netizens have paid attention to it. People who often exercise in the morning found this corpse. It turned out to be a very lifelike human sex doll that was thrown away. In fact, this practice is so bad that it can easily scare the discoverer. Our suggestion is to use scissors to cut the love doll into fist size, then use black plastic bags to divide into 2-3 bags and throw them into the trash can. Every morning, garbage trucks come to pick up garbage. It won’t be discovered by anyone. The contents of the plastic bag had become a fist-sized piece, and no one could see what it was. As for the built-in metal skeleton, it is even better, because this skeleton is not the kind of human body structure. The artificial skeleton is a bracket with joints, and you can’t see what it is when you bend it hard.
OK, how to throw a sex doll? What should I do if I don’t want to deal with it. The editor of has a few suggestions for you. If you have a better suggestion or method, please contact us and share with you. Thank you, happy shopping, and life sex!


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