158cm (5.18ft) Small Bust Life Size Sex Doll for Men Vivi HM8

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Do you ever have the fantasy that one day an elf will come to your home? I think many people had that dream, and now you can have it come true. We can find many elves who are so beautiful and represents purity, innocent, and nature, these elegant and magical creatures will melt your heart once you meet them. Vivi is one of the elves that make all your fairy tales and sex fantasies come true. She features a perfect face, captivating ref eyes, and lush red lips that can’t wait to be kissed. Her incredible body is every man’s dream. Once you lay eyes on her, you will never forget about her.

Please choose your favored skin color.

Please choose your preferred eye color.

Please choose your favorite nail color.

Softer Hollow Breasts look the same as common breasts, but they’re softer since they’re filled with air.

Standard Mouth has no tongue; Mouth with Tongue has a removable tongue, which is often used to pose for photography.

Dolls with Standing Feet can be in a standing position. 

Build-in Vagina is better for user experience; Removable Vagina is easier to clean.

Please choose your preferred style of pubic hair: None, Heart, Diamond, or Trimmed.

Shrugging Shoulders enable your doll to shrug shoulders like a real girl.

Intelligent Body Heating is a full-body heating system that can increase your doll’s body temperature. Please turn off the power after using the doll. Excessive heating may damage your doll.

Intelligent Voice System will make your doll more realistic.

Intelligent Moving System will make your doll more realistic. She can move her body herself like a real girl.  Highly Recommend!

Struggling to have an additional discreet space to keep your sweetest doll? This beautiful case would be a good option for you. It is like a piece of decoration at home. You can lock the case and no one knows your little secret inside the case.

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